How to Prepare Your Cricket Bat

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How to Prepare Your Cricket Bat

A not unusual place motive why cricket bats begin to crack and become worse in its playability is that it hasn’t been organized efficiently. The Cricket bats are crafted from smooth English Willow. When a thunderbolt of a transport hits the cricket bat, the ball is certain to harm the bat. That is the ultimate aspect you need out of your new cricket bat, in particular, if you’ve got paid $400+. So consequently it’s miles vital that your cutting-edge cricket bat is ready efficiently and carefully. Knocking withinside the bat additionally makes it tougher, enhancing the ‘ping’ or rebound traits making the bat carry out to its optimum. There are three essential regions for bat care. These are ‘oiling’, ‘knocking in’ and ‘defensive dealing with’.

Preparing your cricket bat takes a touch little bit of time so it’s miles vital now no longer to get too hectic. You may be grateful which you spend the time making ready your bat after a few years of a successful inning together along with your new cricket bat.

Step #1 – Oiling:

Oiling the cricket bat is vital so while the knocking in method occurs, the bat would not crack. The oil makes the bat greater supple, reducing anxiety so that the bat would not crack. Raw Linseed Oil must be used to grease your cricket bat. Using best a teaspoon of Raw Linseed Oil, rub the oil everywhere in the cricket bat (besides over the splice of the bat). When the primary mild coat of oil is implemented, the bat must be left horizontally in a single day. Another mild coat of oil must be implemented to the bat. Leave the bat withinside the equal function in a single day. It is vital now no longer to over oil the bat.

Step #2 – Protective Facing:

This is non-obligatory to you however it’s miles extraordinarily recommended. A defensive adhesive sheet must be implemented on the bat. Most bats definitely include this sheet so at first, the complete oiling step applies as soon as the sheet is removed. The defensive sheet simply protects the bat from the large effect of the cricket ball. This defensive sheet is non-obligatory however it’s miles recommended that it’s miles used for the primary 12 months of use. Then it must be taken off and oil implemented to the bat.

Step #three – Knocking-In:

This maximum vital method in making ready your cricket bat and it’s also the lengthiest method. Using a wood mallet (to be had at cricket stores and maximum recreation stores), mild faucets of the cricket bat must be made. Starting withinside the center of the bat, gently faucet the bat after which paintings toward the edges. After a while, the tapping of the bat must progressively grow to be a touch bit tougher. This method takes a while. 4-6 hours is normally how lengthy it takes however it could take longer. It is vital to preserving checking the bat to look at whether or not any dints are occurring. If they do, lessen the electricity of your knocks.

Once that is done, it is time to take the cricket bat right all the way down to the nets. It is vital to start with smooth photographs after which progressively stepping into tougher, greater effective photographs after some internet periods. Throw-downs with an antique cricket ball are suggested so that no dents and seam marks occur. After a pair or few internet periods of throw-downs, you may pass on dealing with a few bowling with an antique ball. It is vital to preserving checking the bat to make certain it is not being damaged. After a consultation or two, a few tougher balls may be confronted so it may face the tough cricket ball in a recreation. After some periods, the bat is prepared for use in recreation.

Step #4 – General:

If a defensive adhesive dealing with changed into implemented, it could be taken off after 12 months or so. When the protecting dealing with is taken off, it’s miles vital to provide the bat some other mild oil as soon as or twice, leaving it in a single day every time. Then the use of the mallet, deliver the bat some other mini knock in for an hour or two. This method may be repeated every 12 months or so onwards until you prevent the use of it.


  • Great care must be taken for your cricket bat
  • Don’t be too hectic to begin the use of your new bat in a recreation immediately up, you will be grateful for taking time to put together your bat.
  • Oil gently twice, leaving in a single day each instance to dry, the use of Raw Linseed Oil. This makes the wooden supple and decreases it from cracking.
  • Protective Adhesive Facing may be implemented to offer safety of the bat
  • Using a wood mallet, gently knock for your bat, progressively growing strength. Work from the center toward the edges.
  • Use antique cricket ball in nets, progressively the use of tougher balls. Start with throw-downs after which into complete pitch bowling.
  • Repeat oiling and a brief knock in each season or so.
  • Make certain to constantly appear after the bat, make certain it would not get hold of any moisture or uncovered to severe warmness for lengthy hours.
  • Enjoy scoring masses of runs.