New Book Reveals Secret Equation for Accelerating Achievement in Any Area

New Secret Equation for Accelerating Achievement in Any Area

Blue Stiley’s new e-book The Sum of four: The Secret Equation to Accelerating Achievement lives as much as its promise now no longer handiest to encourage and inspire readers to gain their dreams however to percentage his mystery equation for the way to make that fulfillment occur as speedy and painlessly as possible.

Blue has himself used this equation many times, and in those pages, he stocks severa non-public tales from his personal existence to gain success. Those tales variety from how he found out to cope with a bully as a toddler to his turning into a black belt in martial arts, observed with the aid of using a worldwide model, a health coach, an entrepreneur, and now an author. Blue’s tales entertain even as additionally illustrating his factors approximately how the distinct additives of the name of the game equation can cause success.

The mystery equation isn’t always intended to be a mystery-readers simply want to find out and practice it. Blue is prematurely in explaining that the equation is actually simply easy math each person can use.

In the introduction, he states:

“The result of including or greater numbers is the definition of a sum. The Sum of four is an idea that emphasizes the reality that there are multiple, if now no longer infinite, methods to attain sure results, dreams, dreams, or destinations. It’s just like the conventional idiom: There is a couple of manners to prepare dinner and egg… There isn’t any unmarried manner of doing something… Accepting this concept and studying to successfully assume outdoor the box, and in a couple of manners, is the approach and technique at the back of The Sum of four.

It is a smooth 4-step system, MENTOR, DEVELOP, EXECUTE, and SUCCEED, that if carried out correctly, will discover your maximum green direction to accelerating fulfillment.”

Blue then walks readers thru the 4 steps of his system, losing mild of the significance of everyone and the way to practice it successfully. While the phrases are easy, as Blue states, “the system takes time to domesticate and blossom.” For example, mentoring isn’t always only a depend on locating mentors who’re already a hit at what you need to achieve success at. Blue states: “Whom you spend some time with will now no longer assure who you’ll become. There wishes to be a motive or catalyst!” For Blue, that catalyst turned into the want to discern the way to cope with a bully. The solution turned into his father introducing him to Reed Sensei, the martial arts instructor who has become Blue’s mentor. Blue affectionately well-known shows how Reed Sensei stimulated him even as additionally training difficult like to make him gain tiers he in no way might have concept he turned into successful of. Beyond martial arts, Blue found out subject, humility, consciousness, and lots greater from his mentor.

I might not cross into the element approximately what Blue stocks about each step of his equation, however, I will in the short point out that the maximum of what he discusses is something we already know-so we will all gain. Blue simply makes us aware of it and highlights its significance so we time and again the conscious of it. As Blue is aware of from time and again training martial arts moves, repetition is prime to success. So is delaying gratification and being an affected person till you may see development closer to your purpose being made due to your efforts. As Blue states, “subject and steady practice, time and again again, are how you’re making your great better. Repetition makes you a master!”

One of my preferred chapters in The Sum of four makes a specialty of consciousness. Too often, we’re distracted with the aid of using the whole lot around us. Blue, the usage of martial arts examples, indicates how effortlessly we will get kicked withinside the face if we do not keep consciousness. He gives a clear recommendation for the way to live gift withinside the now so we will listen completely. He indicates how being completely centered on simply one hobby is “safer, greater green, and strategic,” than seeking to haphazardly multi-task.

Another key device Blue gives is studying the way to declutter your mind. This task, of course, is associated with consciousness. Blue tells us to “Leave your issues and besides the point matters on the door and consciousness on one hobby at a time. Control this time and what you allow distract you.” Easier stated than done, however, Blue offers examples of the way to perform it.

In addition to his spot-on recommendation and enlightening tales, Blue ends every bankruptcy with ancient examples of mentor/mentee relationships that brought about greatness; for example, he discusses how Apple CEO Steve Jobs mentored Facebook’s, Mark Zuckerberg. Then he gives a hobby for the reader divided into “Think” and “Action” sections so we will evaluate what we simply found out and use it in our personal lives and dreams.